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Let It Be

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There was a chill in the air for the first time a few days ago that was significant enough that I felt autumn might have captured a foothold. There was a gentle quietness to it, and I tried to close my eyes and enjoy it.

Now is the time to pay attention because soon enough, there won’t be any time to think about the weather. The rush of Thanksgiving, Christmas, and the new year come barreling down the runway, and there won’t be a moment’s peace.

I tried to hold on to the first moments of the season before the season. It isn’t easy.

I’ve been incredibly busy with work and family, and it’s hard to stop and smell the Fall in the air.

Rest and rejuvenation are hard to come by these days. Still, autumn has restorative powers if I can just find a little slice of time.

It is an oasis outside of the hustle and bustle of life. There are so many things requiring my attention and my energy that I feel I’m not providing enough or letting myself enjoy the moments of downtime.

Maybe it’s all in my perspective? Do I need to change my attitude? Is it because my attention is scattershot? Maybe I should focus on me.

I close my eyes. I am attuned to my other senses. Crisp air. Quiet stillness. The sound of a leaf gently floating to the grass.

Let it be.

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